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A little book called
Moon Juice

A mama teaches her children about the word “intention” and encourages them to believe in the magic of the moon. The children set intentions to become more brave and artistic. They decorate mason jars, fill them with water, charge them under the full moon, and drink the "moon juice" but are frustrated when their intentions do not happen immediately. What will happen when their moon juice jars break under a cold winter moon? Will they become more brave and more artistic? Will they still believe in the magic of the moon?
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Why I Wrote Moon Juice

I have been fascinated with the moon for many years. I originally used it as a connection while deployed in Iraq; my loved ones and I saw the same moon even continents away. When my son was born, I fell in love with the moon because it often felt like the only other thing awake in the entire universe during those long newborn nights...


With the birth of my daughter, the long nights grew fewer, but between working full-time and raising two children, I had my hands full.

Ironically, after reading Kate Northrup’s “Do Less”, I began working around the moon cycle and doing less to get it all done. In early 2019, my children and I started charging our mason jars. I originally told them it was so that I could be a Super Mama.

From that moment on, my son believed that when he drank it, he too would become a super hero…


Moon Juice was made to share this ritual with the world and expose concepts like this to children as early as possible. My goal is to empower children at a young age, so they know that EVERYTHING they need is already inside of them, but adding some magic and a support system (moon, family, etc.) is even better.

Today’s world spends so much time LOOKING DOWN (at our phones, at our keyboards), I want to encourage people to LOOK UP! Look at the expansive universe around you and rediscover our connection to the natural world.

Let the moon be your guide.

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Meet Molly Alesch

Molly loves writing stories for children! She is passionate about making adult concepts easily understandable, writing books that both grownups and children want to read again and again. Her books are more than just characters and illustrations, they create experiences for the whole family to enjoy while fostering connections to rituals and the natural world.

Molly lives in Stoughton, Massachusetts with her husband and two children, LJ and Adeline. She believes that children are born with innate gifts and superpowers, and that our job as grownups is to keep our children believing in themselves and all things magical!

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“At this new moon, plant a seed for the universe to tend. Set your vision upon the stars.”